Inimicus on Hold

Not because I’m being lazy, but because it might not be a particularly good idea to release a game about two island nations suffering earthquakes, floods, and nuclear events while people still remember that Japan exists.

Peoples’ memories are fleeting and fickle, so in a few months I can resume working on Inimicus. In the mean time, I’m developing a pixel editor to replace the aging Autodesk Animator. It’s called Moai, and it is coming along very nicely.

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Still WIP, some updates

I updated to the latest version of GCC and Code::Blocks, and was delighted to see that nothing significant had proken in the process. I’m rewriting the game’s introductory sequence from scratch because I felt the quality and presentation didn’t appropriately mesh with everything else.

Netplay is still in its infancy, but will continue to evolve as I find time to work on it. It’s a new year, and I’m getting a little breathing room at the day job for the first time in almost ten months, so I’ve got to make the most of it.

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Being Chatty These Days

Depression is a bitch. Good thing I like talking to myself. The good news is that the game is finished; the bad news is that I’m not releasing until the formerly optional component, netplay, is working. I figured I stood a good chance of releasing a 1.0, then never returning to it to patch in netplay. So… time to be smart about this 😉

I have the networking stuff working, at least on the most basic level. I need to spend some time testing how it handles things like lag and dropped connections. There’s also the issue of determinism, which I think I have worked out.

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NetPlay, coming whenever it’s finished

I’m not going to make any lavish promises at this point, but I’m aiming to have netplay functional in the first public release. It not then, at least shortly thereafter via a small patch. We’ll just have to see how it goes. I have some momentum, at least.

Rather than release this title and immediately move on to the next project (which I must say I’m itching to dive into) I’m making a commitment to give the whole netplay thing a serious shot. As in, serious serious. As in, the only way I’m giving up is if there’s some technical hurdle that requires a major rewrite… which I’m not ruling out. After all, the smart developer always has an exit plan in the event that things get befunged.

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October 01 Release is a no-go

Because I’m a slow ass mofo. Actually it has more to do with working for a living than anything else. I’ve had to shuffle my priorities at the last moment to accommodate the whimsical and largely nonsensical powers that be at my day job. We’ll all get over it, I’m sure. More time for testing, I guess. Nothing bad with that, right?!

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We can haz reboot

Indeed. I’ve repurposed this space to serve as the official mouthpiece for Codethulhu(); This will be the font for a rich stream of insanity in the years to come, as well as some official notices and things I’d rather not have cluttering the main site. With the public release of Inimicus under two weeks away, it seemed like a good time to start gearing up for a little exposure.

Strange games for strange days.

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